Control and Optimize your SAP® BW Environment

Skywind 4C™ provides real-time monitoring and alerting for SAP® BW, business processes and infrastructure (BASIS). The solution generates and sends real-time notifications to the right person at the right time, notifying about failures that have occurred or are about to happen. Skywind 4C™ is an intuitive, social, mobile, SaaS platform which improves productivity, increases operational efficiency and enhances security of physical assets and people, operating SAP®. Skywind 4C™ SAP® BW alert pack is dedicated for control and optimization of SAP® BW environment.

4C™ SAP® BW alert pack purposes:

Having more than 80 BW checks 4C™ SAP® BW alert pack allows BW teams to save time on daily BW maintenance routines and housekeeping, getting operative control and analytical insights via:

  • Operational monitoring and alerting

  • Trends analysis and reporting

  • Insights and recommendations

  • Post upgrade checks and management

  • Optimization towards HANA migration

4C™ SAP® BW alert pack benefits:

With 4C™ SAP® BW operative alerts and analytical insights, you will keep your BW environment under control. You will be informed about failures and be able to fix (and in some cases prevent) them before organizational processes are affected. Using 4C™ SAP® BW alert pack you will:

Crowd Wisdom based SaaS SAP® monitoring – the power of collective experience

  • Control
  • Confidence
  • Continuity
  • Collaboration