SAP® BW Alert Functions

Skywind 4C™ provides contextual, real-time insights for SAP®BW, helping to distinguish the signals from the noise. Having more than 80 BW checks 4C™ SAP® BW alert pack allows BW teams to save time on daily BW maintenance routines and housekeeping, getting operative control and analytical insights.

Housekeeping and Analytics
  1. Detect unused but uploaded InfoProviders
  2. Detect DSO with redundant SIDs generation
  3. Detect unused Bex Queries
  4. Detect No-Value data in InfoCube Fact Tables
  5. Detect No-Value data in DSO Active Tables
  6. Detect No-Value data in DSO Change Log Tables
  7. Detect No-Value data in Master Data Tables
  8. Detect No-Value data in PSA Tables
  9. Detect Not-Compressed requests in InfoCubes
  10. Detect redundant Aggregate in InfoCubes
Process Chains Control
  1. Process Chains Last Run State (RSPCM)
  2. Process Chains Historical State
  3. Prolonged (Yellow) Process Chains
  4. Red Process Chains (incl. internal processes)
InfoPackages and DTP's
  1. Prolonged (Yellow) DTP Requests
  2. Red DTP Requests
  3. Error Stack DTP Requests
  4. Green DTP Requests
  5. Prolonged (Yellow) InfoPackage Requests
  6. Red InfoPackage Requests
  7. Not Loaded Error Requests
  8. Not Loaded PSA Requests
  9. Repeat Last Delta Request
  10. Green Requests Count
  11. Green Requests Details
Data Marts Monitoring
  1. InfoCubes Records Count
  2. DSO's Records Count
  3. DSO Change Log Requests Count
  4. PSA Records Count
  5. Not Compressed Requests Count
  6. Green Requests Unavailable for Reporting
  7. Inactive DSO Data
  8. Requests Partially Loaded into Data Targets
  9. Requests Not Loaded into Data Targets
  10. Not Rolled Up InfoCubes
  11. Problematic Request in Data Marts
Master Data Monitoring
  1. Master Data Tables Records Count
  2. Not Activated Info Object's data
  3. Prolonged Change Runs
  4. Canceled Change Runs
Inactive BW Objects Detection
  1. Detect Inactive Transformations
  2. Detect Inactive Update Rules
  3. Detect Inactive Transfer Rules
  4. Detect Inactive InfoObjects
  5. Detect Inactive InfoCubes
  6. Detect Inactive DSO Objects
  7. Detect Inactive InfoSets
  8. Detect Changed Data Source Attributes (A vs. D Version)
BW Accelerator (BWA) Control
  1. Infocube BWA Index State
  2. BWA General State
  3. BWA Summary State
08_core_basis BW-Basis Related Processes
  1. Comparison of Tables Content (left/right/full Outer Joins)
  2. Check Table/View Content
  3. Tables' Records Count (for multiple tables)
  4. Table's Records Count (with Conditions)
  5. System Files Control
  6. FTP Files Control
  7. Disks Space Control
  8. System Dumps (ST22)
  9. System Dumps Anomalies - Counter (ST22)
  10. Failed/Canceled Jobs (SM37)
  11. Background Jobs Anomalies - Counter (SM37)
  12. Background Jobs Control (SM37)
  13. BW system is open for changes
  14. BW Application Log Analysis
  15. BW Transporst Content (e.g. sensitive objects were added to the Transport)
  16. Status of Released BW Transports
  17. Global Work Process Overview (SM66)
  18. Work Process Overview (SM50)
  19. IDOCs State
  20. IDOCs Anomalies - Counter
  21. BW Related XI/PI messages
  22. Logistics Queue Overview (LBWQ)
  23. qRFC - Inbound
  24. qRFC - Outbound
  25. Check RFC destination (ping BW RFC connection)
  26. RFC State
  27. TRFC Monitoring
  28. Send Requests (SOST)
  29. Send Requests Anomalies - Counter (SOST)
  30. Oracle Tablespaces Analysis
  31. MSS - Last DB Check
  32. Check Microsoft SQL Server DB Size