Detect and prevent SAP® business bottlenecks

4C™ is a SaaS self-service analytical platform that monitors SAP® landscapes and business processes. Assuring smooth SAP® operation is a challenge, which consumes considerable efforts while failures affect business processes and detract the professionals from their primary objectives. 4C™ real-time alerts provide users with the ability to react instantly and in certain cases even before failures occur, supporting business continuity, catching fraud and business bottlenecks. 4C™ facilitates business operations and saves valuable time by pinpointing the exact problem and instantly notifying the owner. Using 4C™ helps to boost productivity while saving time, reducing risks by monitoring sensitive business and application processes. 4C™ contains hundreds of out of the box, ready to use alerts that are feature rich pool of abilities to catch inconsistencies and misbehavior in real time and in certain cases also predict future failures. Connectivity to the service is instant without the need for any hardware or complex software installation.

Skywind 4C™ enables digitization of business bottlenecks management, protecting our clients  365 days a year around a clock. Our software is agnostic to SAP versions and database types. Skywind 4C™ unique technology serves On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid client’s SAP installations such as ERP, HCM and S/4 HANA.
 We will automate business bottlenecks detection process, bringing value on day 1 after the secure connection is established. Skywind Team of Business Experts will guide you through all steps of the process and provide initial exposure and analysis of inconsistencies and hidden bottlenecks in your Finance, Procurement, Sales and Controlling processes. 
04_sales Business bottlenecks detection - SD
07_masterdata Business bottlenecks detection - MASTER DATA
06_procurement Business bottlenecks detection - MM / PURCHASING
03_finance Business bottlenecks detection - FI/FI-AP/CO/COPA
Business bottlenecks detection - HR/HCM
icon3 Business bottlenecks detection - GENERIC ALERT FUNCTIONS