Company Overview

Skywind Group

Established in 2010, Skywind Group is a conglomerate of functional consultants and software developers, operating in key SAP areas and technologies.

The group serves multiple clients over the globe, providing proprietary software solutions and consulting services, helping SAP based companies to be informed in real time about Fraud, SoD Violations, Business Bottlenecks and Technical Issues.

SkyAPS –
Skywind Analytical Platform for SAP

Skywind is the leading provider of software for fraud detection, business processes monitoring, SoD compliance, authorizations inspection and technical monitoring solutions for SAP.

Having a holistic approach to the most important aspects of the ERP control, Skywind has developed Skywind Analytical Platform for SAP (SkyAPS) platform, which’s backbone algorithms are for analysis, monitoring and alerting, complemented by mechanisms for smart data distribution and management.

The SkyAPS platform incorporates a suite of solutions, dedicated to improve the most important aspects of management and control over SAP. At the same time, all solutions make extensive use of the analytical and monitoring capabilities of the platform, thereby complementing and enhancing their own unique functions.

The platform is agnostic to an SAP versions and database types and can be applied to On Premise and On Cloud SAP installations such as S/4HANA, ECC, CRM, SRM and BW.

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