Preventing Financial Losses In Your SAP®

Skywind 4C™ provides real-time monitoring and alerting for SAP® Business Processes, BI and Infrastructure (BASIS). The solution enables to send real-time alerts to the right person at the right time, notifying about failures that have occurred, or will occur. Skywind 4C™ is an intuitive, social, mobile, SaaS platform which improves productivity, increases operational efficiency and enhances security of physical assets and people while operating SAP®. In this section we present examples from 4C™ Risk Mitigation alert pack for potential frauds and misconduct behavior in the sales and logistic processes, that can be monitored and alerted by 4C™.

Detect and prevent frauds

4C™ risk mitigation alert library provides alerts catered for business events that are considered fraudulent and or scheming as:

  • Extremely high sale discounts

  • Exceptionally high credit notes

  • Changes in vendor's bank details

  • Suspicious merchandise returns

  • Exceptionally high compensations

Prevent financial losses

Apart from intentionally misconduct behavior, 4C™ risk mitigation alert library brings alerts for prevention of wide range of events for human errors such as:

  • Delivery of goods is blocked

  • Goods are delivered but not billed

  • Proof of delivery is not confirmed

  • Documents are not posted to FI

  • Issues with customer's credit limit

Skywind 4C™ User Interface

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