Control the Size of DSO Change Log Tables


Are you running delta dataloads from one or more DSOs into other InfoProviders? If so, then you are using the DSOs changelog tables each time you load a further request. DSO changelog table keeps track of the changes in the data that come about each time a delta request is loaded into a DSO. Once the data has been activated in the DSO, it is unlikely that you will need the changelog data again, so you should trim your DSO changelog tables or they will become very large. It’s normal to trim data older than 10-30 days from each DSO changelog as part of your regular housekeeping tasks. With the help of 4C™ SAP® BW alert pack you can easily identify and alert on the DSO changelogs, that have become too large . In a picture below there is an alert output, showing the list of the changelog tables. The very large ones (millions of records) are potential candidates for data deletion. Working with dozens of BW clients, we identify such cases, allowing to save substantial amounts of BW database space.

Full list of SAP® BW alert functions