Control the Size of BW PSA Tables


With the help of 4C™ SAP® BW alert pack you can monitor the number of records, uploaded into BW PSA tables. PSA tables, when neglected, can grab unnecessarily large amounts of storage holding useless data. These tables should be trimmed as part of your regular housekeeping, which is trivial, while using 4C™ SAP® BW alert pack. Determine a threshold (e.g. number of records in the PSA table  >  100’000) which when reached, will generate and send an appropriate notification. In a picture below, there is an alert output, showing the list of the PSA tables, with the number of records, residing in each table. 4C™ SAP® BW alert pack helps to control the number of PSA records and requests, allowing to save substantial amounts of BW database space.

Full list of SAP® BW alert functions