So, how was ISUG?

So, how was ISUG?

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Skywatch goes mobile!

Skywatch goes mobile!

Our state-of-the-art monitoring solution is now available for mobile use! Visit our product page to learn more about this cool feature!
New Scorecard SkyTemplate

New Scorecard SkyTemplate

Check out our new Dashboard Factory Scorecard Template for SAP Design Studio!
Skywatch User Management Package is Out!

Skywatch User Management Package is Out!

Our new alert package allows monitoring of all aspects of user management in SAP systems.

SAP systems are located in the very heart of many successful enterprises. Monitoring and controlling SAP systems is a challenging task, which requires resources and unceasing attention.

Skywatch helps track and control business and technical events and processes in multiple SAP environments simultaneously.

The unique features of Skywatch make customer daily routine much more efficient, focusing on the business aspects and shortening the maintenance cycle.


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Success Stories

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Quick Facts


Name: S. Schestowitz LTD

Location: Israel

Industry: Marketing and distribution

Products and services: Marketing and distribution of top international and local products

Web site:


Challenges and opportunities

  • A challenge to supplying all products in a timely manner (within 48 hours).
  • A challenge to review all orders that come in to the system in files (the review has been done manually before).
  • A difficulty to check POD confirmations (before SkyWatch, this check was also done manually).



  • Maintain a high customer satisfaction level
  • Supply all products within the proper time window (48 hours)
  • Uphold a superior level of service
  • Maintain a reliable ordering system
  • Monitor product distributions efficiently


Solutions and services

  • SkyWatch


Implementation highlights and benefits

  • Improved the efficiency of file transformations into system based orders (SkyWatch is able to easily detect problematic orders before they delay the whole delivery process).
  • Improved monitoring of orders and POD confirmations (now an automatic process and not a manual one, which previously led to human errors).
  • Saved the company money by freeing up workers, who had been busy with the manual monitoring process.
  • Increased the company’s overall efficiency and punctuality by alerting on problems the moment they occur.




S. Schestowitz LTD, one of the leading companies in Israel, specializing in marketing and distribution of top international and local products, has implemented SkyWatch in its systems. “Schestowitz’s main value is to uphold a superior level of service, when distributing products to our hundreds of clients all around Israel”, said Einat Arbiv, head of BI/CO in the company. “The company’s main goal is to offer services in a punctual manner while maintaining a proper ordering system and monitoring the product distributions” she’s added. Even though this goal is a critical one, up until SkyWatch was implemented in the company these monitoring, distribution, and reviewing mechanisms were being controlled manually. Once an order arrives the company has 48 hours to process and handle it. Orders enter the system through files which are transferred from other companies, a process which may present many problems, especially when it is being monitored manually. This, obviously, has led to human errors which consequently contributed to delays in the supply of different products. “After SkyWatch was implemented, the company’s managers, administrators and workers have been able to enjoy some peace of mind, knowing that critical processes are being monitored in a continuous and efficient manner”, Arbiv declared. SkyWind, has contributed immensely to Schestowitz by introducing the managers to SkyWatch. SkyWatch has been able to save the company money by freeing up workers, who had been busy with the manual monitoring process. In addition, thanks to SkyWatch, the company’s different departments have been able to detect and resolve problems before they reach the customers, thus maintaining a high customer satisfaction. Today, the system is an integral part of S. Schestowitz LTD. SkyWatch has increased the ability to save and better allocate company funds while efficiently monitoring critical processes.


Schestowitz- success story

Keter Plastic has implemented Skywatch globally.  Being an international company with worldwide production plants and offices, we struggled to monitor our business processes across different domains and locations. Master Data Management is critical for customer and intercompany orders, being a critical point of failure.

Skywatch allowed us neutralizing human mistakes and foresee future failures, saving us time & efforts in everyday work

Shuky Sigura, Global Operations Manager

Israeli Ministry of Defense CEO Award was granted to the SAP Dashboards project, performed with the assistance and collaboration of Skywind consultants.

“It is one of the main projects the department has seen in the past few years. We started out with excess information for administrators and there was always a need to sort out the information that really mattered. Today, the system reveals alerts in SLA terms, milestones, projections, unmet military demands and more. The system’s rate of growth is parallel to MOD’s ability to absorb new systems”.

Ami Hering, Vice President of Information Systems
SAP Dashboards project

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