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SAP systems are located in the very heart of many successful enterprises. Monitoring and controlling SAP systems is a challenging task, which requires resources and unceasing attention.

Skywatch helps track and control business and technical events and processes in multiple SAP environments simultaneously.

The unique features of Skywatch make customer daily routine much more efficient, focusing on the business aspects and shortening the maintenance cycle.


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Success Stories

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Skywatch has improved our response time drastically; we are now able to resolve problems, receive files from other systems into SAP, forecast future failures in data transfers between SAP systems, identify mistakes that were made while establishing sales orders and during IDOCS transfers etc. In addition, our use of BW BEST PRACTICES, which is a part of Skywatch, lets us maintain efficiently all our data indicators, from the disk space aspect and modulating infocubes to the loading and running of process chains.

Iris Shifrin, Chief Information Officer

Keter Plastic has implemented Skywatch in its SAP systems.  Being an international company with worldwide production plants and offices, we struggled to monitor our business processes across different domains and locations. Monitoring master data is a critical process in the company. If the master data is mismanaged, it may lead to the failure of the company’s business processes.

Skywatch allowed us to neutralize human mistakes and foresee future failures, saving us time and efforts in our everyday work.

Shuky Sigura, Global Operations Manager

Israeli Ministry of Defense CEO Award was granted to the SAP Dashboards project, performed with the assistance and collaboration of Skywind consultants.

“It is one of the main projects the department has seen in the past few years. We started out with excess information for administrators and there was always a need to sort out the information that really mattered. Today, the system reveals alerts in SLA terms, milestones, projections, unmet military demands and more. The system’s rate of growth is parallel to MOD’s ability to absorb new systems”.

Ami Hering, Vice President of Information Systems
SAP Dashboards project

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